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Jackpot! #Seattle (at Walmart Tumwater)

Bout to get my Twilight on…

Salad 1 Animal 0

#rp @jstlivinbby “Levels to this shtt.” via @PhotoRepost_app

At least the peanuts are healthy… (at Five Guys)

Let’s see if this is as good as Oreos… (at Panera Bread)


When keeping it real goes wrong…


Guardians of the Galaxy concept art by Andy Park

(via ladypool)

How I feel when I hear new @MeekMill

When you buy fake Cazals and you ain’t know

The birthday girl on the right

Out with the Wine-os (at Barawine Harlem)

These @kobebryant’s saw me coming… Smh. I can’t resist the smell of real leather. They don’t make ‘em like these anymore. 👈 needs rehab.

I have to respectfully decline @sokliche’s ALS Challenge in light of this tragedy. Because of the dangers associated with the challenge I don’t believe that it’s worth the risk…