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This album changed my life… I quit rapping after I heard it… @officials_c_

Every Friday is good

I told y’all @mimifaust had her own brand of Shower Rod™. Here’s the theme song…

So what? I be lurkin…

Home Depot & Lowes should be paying @MiMiFaust royalties…

I didn’t ask for your negative opinions. I asked for information. I’m convinced that poverty is a choice.

Ving Rhames is perfectly cast as Jackie in Basketball Wives The Movie #LifetimeChannel

Marvel going hard with this #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy promo

Is it me or does the first blood moon since the Bible was written makes you a little shook?

Just in time to get right for the summer! Thank you @MiMiFaust!!

Shots fired…

When industries crash and burn only the best survive. Looking forward to a generation of great music. Great read:

So Kid Cudi rocked a belly skin at Coachella over the weekend… I guess @faison13 was right after all… Snaken

Listening to The Firm (Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown, Nature & Dr. Dre) album produced by Dr. Dre. No one even remembers this stuff #SMH

I’m officially (also) a @BrooklynNets fan!! Sorry @NYKnicks blame the @MiamiHeat #Playoffs