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A line to buy the case tho? #WTH Apple > Jordans (at Apple Store, Fifth Avenue)

#np @allstarrdagreat “Thirst Trap” another banger!! Link in my bio!

#np @chvmpagnejay “Lords” it’s lit… Click the link in my bio to hear

#rp @sincerebaby

"Research studies suggest that there is a link between playing certain video games and improved decision making abilities and cognitive flexibility. There is an observable difference between the brain structure of individuals who play video games frequently and those who don’t." <—- See Bae? NBA 2k is making me a better man…

"LeBron hair regrows once he switched from Samsung to iPhone 6." <—- You need this Jermaine. Stay young and attractive.

So Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell” wasn’t about John Starks? Hmm

"Bloomberg reports that Android phone trade-ins have increased exponentially since Apple’s press event, signaling that many Android users were just waiting for Apple to introduce an iPhone with a larger display." <— You still have time Jermaine…

#TBT I grew up watching Lion-el everyday after school #Thudercats

"Two men have been detained in France after a car with Vatican diplomatic plates was stopped at the border with Spain and found to have over four kilos of cocaine and cannabis onboard, said to be worth over £150,000 ($243,000)." <—— Pope = The Godfather


We need a cellphone lane in NYC

Wth? I’m about to say f&$% music… Nah I’m jus playin

First cops now Chinese restaurants? What is this world coming to?