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It’s hard out there for a pimp…

"A 9-year-old boy recently renewed his vows to a woman 53 years his seniors, a year after first marrying her." Smh y’all letting Donald Sterling win…

Keep it 1 hunna…

Just because the pioneers live here, don’t mean the natives ain’t restless… #BrokenGlassEverywhere

See? Just retire from the Game bruh… Bae psychic

Side chicks are a helluva drug…

Finally… #rp from @kingramsesfresh

This is getting lamer by the second.

And red @Pharrell x @bbcicecream x @Timberlands for him (me)

Rose gold @nikelab python blazers for her

The ocean looks so deadly at night

Some wise words taken off @yourself_4lifee’s Twitter bio…


You already!! @bbcicecream (at Billionare Boys Club)

Only if I didn’t fall asleep the second I start reading…